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05/09/2024 Bioregionalism and the Reinhabitation of Place with Mark Gonnerman
04/18/2024 The Spirit of Rivers
03/28/2024 Crime in America with Scott Thomas Anderson
02/15/2024 Mindfulness in a Distracted World with Nate Klemp
02/01/2024 The Artificiality of Natural Intelligence with David Bates
01/18/2024 Dante’s Characters: Part Four, Brunetto Latini
01/04/2024 Dante’s Characters: Part Three, Guido da Montefeltro
12/20/2023 Dante’s Characters: Part Two, Ulysses
12/14/2023 Dante’s Characters: Part One, Francesca da Rimini
12/08/2023 Garry Nolan on UFOs
10/19/2023 Women and Madness
10/12/2023 Vico and Joyce
09/14/2023 Robert Harrison on Giambattista Vico
08/31/2023 On Gardenism with William Rosenzweig
08/24/2023 Lydia Maria Child: A Radical American
08/04/2023 On World, Love, and Gloom: An Open Conversation with Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
07/28/2023 Amor Mundi: Robert Harrison on World Love
04/12/2023 Humanities in the Age of Artificial Intelligence with Ana Ilievska
03/13/2023 The Wilds of Artificial Intelligence with Bryan Cheong
03/02/2023 The Idea of America
12/21/2022 Three Poems for the Winter Solstice
12/16/2022 On Democracy with Aishwary Kumar
09/23/2022 Dark Matter, God, and the Fate of the Universe with Maria Elena Monzani
08/26/2022 On Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy with Andrew Mitchell
06/12/2022 California Writers Part 2
05/27/2022 Czeslaw Milosz: A Discussion with Cynthia Haven
05/13/2022 To the Lighthouse with Miles Osgood
04/29/2022 Letter writing: A Media Revolution with Chloe Summers Edmondson
04/09/2022 The Epic of Gilgamesh with Sophus Helle
04/01/2022 Thought and Perception with Markus Gabriel
03/24/2022 In The Flow: A Brief Monologue
01/18/2022 California Writers Part 1
12/21/2021 Baroque Modernity with Joseph Cermatori
12/03/2021 The Uses of Trauma with Alex Rex
11/18/2021 Custodianship of the Earth with Thomas Woltz
08/23/2021 Robert Harrison on Great Narrative Endings
08/12/2021 Aqsa Ijaz on Rumi
08/05/2021 What is Matter? with Bryan Cheong
07/29/2021 Mark C. Taylor on Silence
07/22/2021 What do Bridges do? With Thomas Harrison
07/15/2021 Mark C. Taylor on Technology, Cybernetics, and Intervolution
07/08/2021 Christy Wampole on Degenerative Realism
07/07/2021 Robert Harrison contre Proust
12/30/2020 On the word “And”
12/17/2020 Robert Harrison on Separation
07/30/2020 On Time, Death, and Cosmos
07/08/2020 The Heart of the Sun
06/26/2020 The Fatidic Power of Literature
06/05/2020 Dead Voices
05/18/2020 Happy Hour with Jethro Tull
05/07/2020 Robert Harrison on mimetic desire, social media, and biotechnology
04/24/2020 Christopher Watkin on Michel Serres
04/17/2020 Happy Hour with Jimi Hendrix
04/10/2020 Boccaccio's Human Comedy
04/08/2020 Pandemic, Dread, and Boccaccio’s Decameron
06/21/2019 Robert Harrison on willows and thresholds
06/11/2019 Pau Guinart on Salvador Dalí
06/04/2019 Marisa Galvez on Crystals
05/27/2019 Walking in Ice with Werner Herzog
05/21/2019 A centennial tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti
05/15/2019 The American Road— Part 2
05/07/2019 On the railroad with Kai Carlson-Wee
04/30/2019 Reflections on the color white
04/23/2019 Cybersecurity with Donnie Hasseltine
04/16/2019 Simone de Beauvoir with Jeremy Sabol
04/10/2019 What is Love?
06/25/2018 A tribute to summer
06/15/2018 Alison McQueen on Political Realism and Apocalypse
06/07/2018 Fred Turner on Cyberculture and The Democratic Surround
05/30/2018 Quinn Slobodian on Neoliberalism
05/23/2018 Francis Fukuyama on American Democracy and Accountability
05/16/2018 Dan Edelstein on Human Rights
05/08/2018 Priya Nelson on academic publishing
04/18/2018 Alexander Key on Medieval Islamic thought
04/09/2018 Andrew Hui on aphorism
02/02/2018 Lena Herzog on dying languages
09/22/2017 Richard Rorty on the future of philosophy
07/20/2017 Hiatus Announcement
07/12/2017 Is Henry David Thoreau a philosopher, too? Andrea Nightingale votes yes.
07/06/2017 William Hurlbut on gene editing
07/05/2017 Eric McLuhan on Marshall McLuhan
06/20/2017 Great albums of 1967 with Jay Kadis and Thomas Harrison
06/07/2017 Michaela Hulstyn on Drugs in Literature
05/27/2017 Sam Ginn on the Singularity
05/20/2017 Hans Sluga on Trump's “Empire of Disorientation”
12/15/2016 “I Am Not a Man, I Am Dynamite” : Peter Sloterdijk on Nietzsche
06/29/2016 “Mary Shelley is a dissenting voice”: Inga Pierson on Frankenstein and the Age of Science
06/15/2016 “It has happened. So it can happen again.” Philip Gourevitch on genocide
06/08/2016 Rebecca Pekron on Arthur Rimbaud
06/01/2016 A conversation about Joseph Conrad's The Shadow Line with Monika Greenleaf and Rush Rehm
05/25/2016 Valerie Kinsey on Public Memory
05/18/2016 Alice Kaplan on Albert Camus and “The Stranger”
05/11/2016 Monika Greenleaf on Joseph Conrad's Polish Roots
05/04/2016 Thomas Mullaney on the Invention of the Chinese Typewriter
04/27/2016 Jean-Marie Apostolidès on Guy Debord, Situationism, and Psychogeography
04/20/2016 Poet Maria Stepanova on Memory and Russia’s “Schizoid Present”
04/13/2016 Andrea Nightingale on J.A. Baker's “The Peregrine”
04/06/2016 Aishwary Kumar on Gandhi and Ambedkar – Part 2
03/22/2016 Werner Herzog on “The Peregrine” and the Importance of Reading
12/16/2015 Sepp Gumbrecht on Diderot, Voltaire, and Rousseau
12/09/2015 Rebecca Pekron on Edgar Allan Poe
12/02/2015 Eric Roberts on Computer Science
11/18/2015 Marilyn Yalom on Female Friendship
11/10/2015 Niklas Damiris on Money
11/04/2015 Marilynne Robinson and the Perception of the Ordinary
10/28/2015 Thomas Ryckman on Albert Einstein
10/21/2015 Ruth Starkman on Virtue Ethics
10/14/2015 Hans Sluga on Politics
10/07/2015 Hans Sluga on the life and work of Wittgenstein
09/30/2015 Robert Harrison and Truman Chen on Randolph Bourne
06/20/2014 Robert Harrison on Lightness and Heaviness in Art
06/11/2014 Edward Feigenbaum on Artificial Intelligence
06/04/2014 Paul Rabinow on Foucault and “the contemporary”
05/28/2014 Jessica Merrill on Russian Futurism
05/21/2014 Monika Greenleaf on Dostoevsky and The Brothers Karamazov
05/14/2014 Karol Berger on Richard Wagner- Part 2
05/07/2014 Mark McGurl on Fiction-Writing Programs
04/30/2014 David Lummus on Mythology
04/23/2014 Richard Kearney on anatheism
04/16/2014 Grisha Freidin on Leo Tolstoy
04/09/2014 Sarah Churchwell on The Great Gatsby
03/27/2014 “How Old are We?” — A Monologue
12/30/2013 Dante and J. Alfred Prufrock
08/09/2013 Andrei Linde on the Universe
07/03/2013 Karen Feldman on Walter Benjamin
06/26/2013 Inga Pierson on Simone Weil
06/12/2013 Michael Hoyer on David Foster Wallace
06/05/2013 Marisa Galvez on Troubadour Poetry
05/29/2013 A Monologue on The Doors (Dedicated to Ray Manzarek)
05/22/2013 Thomas Sheehan on Heidegger & Technology
05/15/2013 Amir Eshel on Franz Kafka
05/08/2013 Robert Harrison on animal rights
04/24/2013 Tamara Kayali on Bioethics
04/17/2013 “It stuns me every time”: Lena Herzog on the Uncanny Powers of Photography
04/10/2013 Paul Robinson on Charles Darwin
04/01/2013 Martin Lewis and Asya Pereltsvaig on the Origins of Language
03/26/2013 Robert Harrison on Margaret Fuller
06/27/2012 Chloe Veltman on the Human Voice
06/06/2012 Ewa Domanska on Post-humanism
05/30/2012 Gabriella Safran on Listening
05/23/2012 Andrew Hui on Petrarch and Petrarchism
05/16/2012 EO listener Sasha Borovik on Life, Literature, and Lermontov
05/09/2012 Leah DeVun on Hermaphroditism
05/02/2012 Tanya Luhrmann on Magic, God, and the Supernatural
04/25/2012 Debra Satz on John Rawls
04/18/2012 Hans Sluga on Michel Foucault
04/11/2012 Ursula Heise on Extinction
11/30/2011 Stephen Hinton on Nietzsche and Wagner
11/23/2011 Dr. Larry Zaroff on Medicine and the Humanity
11/16/2011 Richard Martin on Homeric Epics
11/09/2011 Martin Lewis on Geography
11/02/2011 Denise Gigante on John Keats
10/25/2011 Richard Saller on the Ancient Rome
10/19/2011 Adrian Daub on Hegel
10/12/2011 Patrick Hunt on the Rosetta Stone
10/05/2011 Thomas Sheehan on Phenomenology
04/25/2011 Sonia Korn-Grimani on her memoir of the Holocaust
04/12/2011 Robert Harrison on Samuel Beckett
04/05/2011 Stuart Edelstein on the Human Brain
03/29/2011 Jay Kadis on Psychedelic Rock
03/22/2011 Sarah Carey on Italian Cinema
03/15/2011 Rush Rehm on Greek Tragedy
03/08/2011 Blair Hoxby on Aristotle’s Poetics
03/01/2011 Lyonel Trouillot on Haiti and Haitian literature
02/22/2011 Christy Wampole on the Nouveau Roman
02/15/2011 Alexander Nehamas on Beauty
02/08/2011 Nicholas Halmi on the Romantic symbol
02/01/2011 Héctor Hoyos on Roberto Bolaño
01/25/2011 Mace Perlman on the Commedia dell'Arte
01/18/2011 Caroline Winterer on Classicism in America
01/11/2011 Andrea Nightingale on Moby Dick
06/23/2010 The Ethos of “Cool”: Robert Harrison on Jim Morrison and The Doors
05/25/2010 Laura Wittman on Georges Bataille
05/18/2010 Thomas Sheehan on Heidegger’s Being and Time
05/11/2010 Thomas Harrison on Pink Floyd
05/04/2010 Rush Rehm on Glass Wave, Robert Harrison's cerebral rock band
04/20/2010 Joshua Landy on the Uses of Literature
04/13/2010 Paula Findlen on Athanasius Kircher
04/05/2010 Vincent Barletta on Alexander the Great
03/02/2010 Giuseppe Mazzotta on Italian Epic Poetry
02/23/2010 Jay Kadis on Digital Music
02/16/2010 Gwyneth Lewis on Welsh literature- Part 1
02/09/2010 Tobias Wolff on American fiction
01/19/2010 Steven Orgel on Shakespeare’s King Lear
12/09/2009 A Monologue on Wallace Stevens
12/07/2009 A Monologue on Machiavelli
11/25/2009 Andrea Nightingale on Plato
11/23/2009 Hans Gumbrecht on Borges
10/19/2009 Byrd Hale on Blues – Part 2
10/06/2009 Dick Gould on Tennis
09/29/2009 Jean-Marie Apostolidès on the Unabomber
06/20/2009 The Jimi Hendrix Solo Show
06/01/2009 Panagiotis Agapitos on Byzantium- Part 1
05/26/2009 Andrew Mitchell on Friedrich Nietzsche
05/19/2009 Josh Landy with Michael Saler on the Re-enchantment of the World
05/12/2009 Marília Librandi Rocha on Nuance and Brazil
05/05/2009 Adrian Daub on the Metaphysics of Misogyny
04/28/2009 Denise Gigante on Romanticism and Organic Form
04/21/2009 Stephen Hinton on Beethoven- Part 1
12/15/2008 Robert Harrison on Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
12/09/2008 Philosopher Michel Serres – Réflexions sur l'Internet (in French)
12/02/2008 Matt Farley on the Jesuit Order
11/25/2008 Helen Stacy on Human Rights
11/18/2008 Peter Stansky on WWII and the Blitz
11/11/2008 Vinton Cerf of Google on the future of the internet
11/04/2008 Josh Landy with Lera Boroditsky on language and thought
10/28/2008 Dr. Abraham Verghese on medicine and his literary career
10/21/2008 Heather Webb and Connie Solari on the heart
10/14/2008 Dick Davis on Persian Literature
10/07/2008 Sepp Gumbrecht on the philosophy of moods
09/30/2008 Nicholas Jenkins on W.H. Auden
09/24/2008 Paul Robinson on Intellectual History
04/14/2008 Lanier Anderson on Sartre's Existentialism
04/10/2008 Robert Harrison on Erwin Schrödinger
04/01/2008 Robert Harrison on Giovanni Boccaccio
03/18/2008 Giovanni Tempesta on the Poetry of Robert Service
03/11/2008 Blakey Vermeule on Jane Austen
02/26/2008 Laura Wittman on the Poetry of A.R. Ammons
02/19/2008 Hayden White on the Vocation of the Humanities
02/12/2008 Dr. Stewart Agras on the History of Psychiatry
01/29/2008 Archaeologist Michael Shanks on the Origins of Agriculture
01/25/2008 Aron Rodrigue on the Ottoman Empire
01/22/2008 Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk
01/15/2008 Historian Philippe Buc on Religion and Violence
06/19/2007 Robert Harrison on Dante and Prufrock
06/12/2007 Andrew Mitchell on Poetry and Thinking in Heidegger
06/05/2007 Stephen Hinton on Kurt Weill- Part 2
05/29/2007 Charitini Douvaldzi on Freud- Part 2
05/22/2007 Pierre Saint-Amand on the French Enlightenment
05/15/2007 Karen Feldman on Hannah Arendt – Part 1
05/08/2007 Troy Jollimore on Tom Thomson in Purgatory
05/01/2007 Josh Ober on Ancient Athenian Democracy
04/24/2007 Stanford President John Hennessy on Stanford University
04/10/2007 Rachel Jacoff on Dante's Divine Comedy – Part 3
06/13/2006 Robert Harrison a monologue on Gardens
06/06/2006 Irish Novelist Colm Toibin on Henry James
05/30/2006 Drew Gibson on Corporations
05/23/2006 Ken Berman on Jazz
05/16/2006 Dr. Michael Hendrickson on “What is cancer?”
05/09/2006 Marjorie Perloff on the European Avantgarde
05/02/2006 Kathleen Sullivan on the American Constitution
04/18/2006 Thomas Sheehan on the Resurrection – Part 1
04/11/2006 Cécile Alduy on American writers in Paris
04/04/2006 Seth Lerer on the history of the book
03/14/2006 Lisa “Decca” Dornell on Love Poetry
03/07/2006 Thomas Harrison on expressionism in the year 1910
02/28/2006 Marilyn Yalom on the cemeteries of America
02/21/2006 Paul Ehrlich on the Fate of the Earth
02/07/2006 Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht on The Man Without Qualities
01/31/2006 Thomas Sheehan on the historical Jesus
01/24/2006 Kathryn Todd on Henry David Thoreau
01/17/2006 Gregory Freidin on Isaac Babel
01/10/2006 Novelist Shirley Hazzard
12/13/2005 Monika Greeleaf on Nabokov
12/09/2005 French Philosopher Michel Serres (in French)
12/06/2005 Jean-Marie Apostolidès on Albert Camus
11/29/2005 Jeffrey Schnapp on the Phenomenon of Crowds
11/22/2005 Richard Rorty on the Future of Philosophy
11/15/2005 Marjorie Perloff on Ezra Pound
11/08/2005 Andrea Nightingale on Epicurus and Epicureanism
11/01/2005 Joshua Landy on Marcel Proust
10/25/2005 Susanna Braund on Virgil's Aeneid
10/18/2005 Andrew Mitchell on Martin Heidegger
10/11/2005 Elisabeth Boyi on African and Caribbean Francophone Writers
10/04/2005 René Girard on ritual sacrifice and the scapegoat
09/28/2005 Dan Edelstein on the Enlightenment
09/17/2005 René Girard: Why We Want What We Want
09/14/2005 Laura Wittman on Michel Tournier's Friday

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