CF1 & CF2 Installation
Allen and Grand St.
Jul 17th - Nov 8th, 2022
CF1 Instructions
CF2 Instructions

To dwell, in Ivan Illich's words, is "to inhabit one’s own traces, to let daily life write the webs and knots of one’s biography into the landscape." Convivial forms are those with the amplitude to allow dwelling.

Public space is no longer a commons. Gatherings and festivities must be delineated with barriers: They are exceptions. These picnic tables and park benches are to be installed, establishing, independently from an organization, public or private, a commons. They are infrastructural sleight-of-hand, converting a symbol of separation, into situations for conviviality.

Each Convivial Form is accompanied by an instruction manual. They are open-source. Akin to the practice of autoprogettazione, they accentuate the simplicity of designing one's own living structures. Wood, saw, and screws are all that is needed.

by Cristóbal Sciutto
NYC 2022