Cristóbal Sciutto Rodríguez
interfaces / forms / crônicas

I design and maintain systems for wielding media, some as staff at Reduct. I specialize in interactive audiovisual systems, harmonizing machine learning pipelines with graphical interfaces for human control and feedback.

In my art practice, broadly under the scope of Convivial Forms, I am interested in the interplay between urban life and improvisational practices such as DIY and gambiarra. I find myself compelled to register the relational fields determined by simple, often ignored, material forms.

I was born in Lima, Peru to parents from Rosario, Argentina, raised between Columbus and São Paulo, studied in Calfornia at Stanford University, and am now based in New York City.


technics, poetics, &c

[2021-] video-text

At Reduct, I've worked on the medium of "video-text", a dense correspondence between audiovisual and textual streams of information. Two notable interfaces I designed are videoboard, an infinite canvas for video manipulation, and side-by-side, a dual-language interface for video. I've written about this work here.

[2022-] crônicas

Post-industrial bricolage by corn salesmen in Paris. Choro and plastic rhythm in Copacabana. Los Sciutto y Rodriguez in Rosario. Deciphering train stations in New York City.

[2022-] media archives

On a retreat with the maintainers of Ubuweb, I wrote about media archives and digital librarianship. I also maintain an archive of the Entitled Opinions podcast.

[2022-] convivial forms

Interventions in the public sphere. Exercises in constrained design. Punk infrastructure: "I can do that too". Homage to Illich and Isaacs.

[2021-] furniture

Variations on Mari and Isaacs. Experiments with glass bricks.

[2020-2021] green screen

At Runway, I developed an interactive rotoscoping tool, from training a video segmentation model on a curated dataset to the realtime WebGL interface. The aim was to enable the collage of video using spatial metaphors.

[2019-2020] vid2player

I was second-author on a system for generating controllable video sprites from real-world tennis footage. The research was published in the ACM Transactions on Graphics, presented at SIGGRAPH, and featured on Two Minutes Papers.

[2019-] folk interfaces

A variety of, largely computational, experiments and studies. I wrote about the central theme of these interfaces, systems for wielding media in tacit ways, under Folk Interfaces.